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Fuel Up To Play60

Fitness website for students to monitor their fitness and healthy eating.
Gary C.
Classroom teacher
Huntington East Middle School, Huntington WV
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My Grades 6, 7, 8

Students will be able to monitor and track their fitness activities as well as their healthy eating habits.

Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook

Activity: Assessing

Yes, the whole program is sponsored by the NFL and the Football Players which students go crazy over.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Creating

Yes, the website is very detailed and to the point. The site makes it challenging and competitive.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Creating

Students go at their own pace, and have help when and if needed.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Presenting

Students practice at their own pace, but they get points for the more they do, encouraging them to work harder and push themselves.

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Assessing

This program is always available to use and work on even at home as homework. Activities are available all year long with the exception of July for updating the programs. There are extention activities even for leadership training for students in other states throughout the year.