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From Seed to Flower

Students will learn the basic steps of how a seed grows into a flower
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Students will be able to identify the four basic steps of the seed cycle:

1. plant the seed

2. water the seed

3. give the seed sunlight

4. seed sprouts and grows into flower.


Students will be able to draw each step of the cycle and narrate each step. 

English Language Arts
Grades Pre-K – K
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1 Hook

We will begin the lesson by discussing what the students already know about plants.  We will do a KWL chart on the board.  The students will discuss what they want to know and what they hope to learn about plants.  We will then watch a video on BrainPOP Jr. about plants.

2 Direct Instruction

Before the video, tell the students the topic - how a seed turns into a flower. Review with them there are 4 steps to how this happens, and ask them to keep their eyes and ears open to find out those 4 steps from this story. Show students "The Tiny Seed" by Eric Carle read a loud video. At the end of the video, ask the students how the seed turned into the flower. Have a hard copy of the book on hand to turn to the pages when the seed is planted, watered, gets sunlight, and sprouts. 

3 Guided Practice- Sequencing

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will take photos of each step of the seed to flower cycle from the story "The Tiny Seed". As a whole or small group, talk about what is happening in each photo, and order the photos step 1 through step 4. 

Upload these pictures into Puzzle Maker and create a puzzle where the students have to put the steps in order independently to solve the puzzle. 

Student Instructions

Students will describe what is happening in each step of the cycle, and sequence the pictures as a group. Later, students will complete the puzzle on the iPad by putting the pictures in order. 

4 Independent Practice- Science Center

Activity: Drawing

Teachers will instruct students to draw the steps of the seed to flower cycle, one at a time. This can be done in small or whole groups, providing small sheets of paper and doing one step at a time. Each student will draw 4 pictures, one for each step of the cycle. 

Next, the teacher will take photographs of each drawing and upload into  Pic Collage, where they can add graphics and text such as 'step 1' or arrows. This can be done one on one with the students so they child can give their input on designing their pictures.  The pictures will all be on one page, in a 4 part collage. 

Student Instructions

Students will draw 4 pictures, one for each step of the seed to flower cycle. With the aid of the teacher, they will help create their photos for the video in Pic Collage. 

5 Wrap Up- Create Video

Teacher will go over how to narrate something on Explain Everything  - use a slow voice, speak clearly, and what to say. Teacher will upload the student's collage to Explain Everything, and individually each student will record the 4 steps of the cycle, one at a time if necessary. Export the video to your camera roll. 


Student Instructions

Students will narrate each step of the plant cycle. 

6 Conclusion- Share with parents

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Using Thing Link, upload all of the student's videos to a thing link photo of your choice and share with the parents!