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Fractions Match

Kristina T.
Special education instructor
Donaldson Elementary School
Oakdale, United States
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My Grades 3, 4
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math

Students will be able to identify fractions using 1/b formula.

Students will be able to identify equivalent fractions.

Students will be able to compare fractions.

Grades 3
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Activity: Conversing

Review the questions from the post-it notes that students left on the board from the previous day's lesson. (10 minutes)

Student Instructions

We're going to start off the day by reviewing the post-it note questions that you had from yesterday.

Now that we have reviewed all the questions, are there any additional questions that we would like to review before starting our fun activity for the day?

2 Direct Instruction

Explain the QR Code Reader app and how students will use it to match fractions.

Have iPad hooked up to Smartboard to show a visual example to the class.

Student Instructions

Now that we have reviewed all questions about fractions, you are going to have a chance to match QR codes to your worksheet.

Your worksheet has shapes and fractions listed on it. When you scan a QR code, you will have to match the fraction with the shape on your worksheet.  You will also list the QR number on your worksheet.

Let's all take a look at the Smartboard as we work through an example together.

Are there any questions on how the QR match game is going to work?

If not, please take our your iPads, grab a worksheet, and get started.

3 Independent Practice

Observe students using the QR Code Reader app. Give students 20 minutes to work through the worksheet.

Student Instructions

You now have 20 minutes to complete your worksheet along with the QR Code Reader app.

4 Wrap-Up

Activity: Other — Review

Take the last 10 minutes of class to review answers for the QR Code Reader worksheet.

Scan codes and display on Smartboard so that students can see the answers.

Student Instructions

Let's all come back together and discuss the answers that you came up with.  Please get out your red pens and check your work as we scan the codes on the Smartboard so that you can see your answers.