Lesson Plan

Fraction Fun!

This lesson provides students with a deeper understanding of fractions by using everyday examples.

Students will be able to...

Represent equivalent fractions using fraction models such as parts of a set, fraction circles, fraction strips, number lines and other manipulatives. Use the models to determine equivalent fractions.  (MN Standard

Grades 4 – 6
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1 Hook

Slice It!
Free, Paid

Students have five minutes to play a few rounds of Slice It! You may want them to record some of their percentages for each stage, or they can return to the menu to see their star ratings for each stage. There are hints available for students that need it. 

Student Instructions

We will start by playing a game called "Slice It". Your job is to divide the shape into pieces of equal size. Begin with level 1 and see how many stages you can get through in the next five minutes.  Pay attention to the number of pieces at the top and also how many slices you get.  You will earn more stars if you have pieces that are the same size. 

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Investigating

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Student Instructions

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3 Guided Instruction

Practice using the fraction bars to compare different size pieces.  

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Assessing

Have students find what fraction of the pizza is on the plate. At the end of each level, an overall percentage, number correct/incorrect will show.  Set goals for student mastery.

Student Instructions

Pizza 1 Fractions App

5 Wrap-Up

Slice It!
Free, Paid

Continue working through the stages of fractions.