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Fraction Action

Students will explore fractions with Geoboard and then create a video teaching others about fractions
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Students will be able to deconstruct a fraction.

Students will be able to reconstruct a fraction.

Students will be able to communicate mathematical thinking to others effectively.

Grades 4 – 5
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1 Hook

If this is the first time students have seen the app, give them 5-10 minutes to play with it and discover how the rubber bands work.

Student Instructions

Spend 5-10 minutes exploring the app. At the end of the time, be sure that you are able to create shapes with rubber bands on the geoboard.

2 Direct Instruction

While modeling with your own iPad, guide students to make a shape that is 1/2 of the geoboard in one color of rubber band and then 1/4 in another color.

Student Instructions

Follow along with me as we create a shape that covers 1/2 of the geoboard in one color of rubber band and then 1/4 in another color.

3 Independent practice

Instruct them to continue creating shapes independently that cover 1/8 and 1/16 of the geoboard. Walk around and assist as necessary. Require them to explain their thinking. The objective is that they are able to justify that 1/8  + 1/8 =1/4, 1/4+1/4=1/2, etc. (deconstruct and reconstruct fractions).

Student Instructions

On your own, create a shape that would cover 1/8 and then 1/16 of the board. How do you know that your shapes are correct? 

4 Wrap up

Have students create a video teaching others how to deconstruct and reconstruct fractions. Suggest they write and perform a rap song, create a Khan Academy-type teaching video, or act out a scene using props. Videos should be less than 3 minutes in length. Share out at the end of class.

Student Instructions

Create a video teaching others what you learned about how fractions can be broken apart and put back together. Be creative and be sure the focus is on the content.