Lesson Plan

Four Factors of Evolution

Students will be able to explain and name the four factors of evolution.
Maywood Center for Enriched Studies Magnet (MaCES)
Maywood , United States
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Students will be able to name the four factors of evolution.

Students will be able to explain what each factor entails. 

Students will be able to explain how these factors cause evolution. 

Grades 9 – 10
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1 Warm up

Activity: Drawing

Teacher will pass out paper to each student in the class

Teacher will as the students to fold the paper hamburger style then hotdog style

Teacher will model how to number the boxes 1-4

Teacher will project a simple picture of a rabbit to the class and ask them to copy it on the first box within 1 minute

The teacher will randomly select one of the students rabbits without telling them why they were selected 

The teacher will then have the students copy this rabbit in box 2 

This is repeated until all 4 boxes are filled in then the teacher will show all 5 rabbits and ask the students to compare them

After the students share and discuss they will be told that the selection was random and the teacher will connect these changes to evolution through student discussion

Student Instructions

Students will receive a blank sheet of white paper

Students will fold the sheet hamburger then hotdog style

Students will number the boxes 1-4

Students will copy the first rabbit on their paper

A students rabbit will be selected and the student will receive a new sheet of paper pre folded and numbered to work with

Students will copy the second rabbit in box 2

After all 4 boxes are done the students will compare the changes in the rabbits and discuss why they happened

2 Direct instruction

Free, Paid

Teacher assigns google classroom assignment to students, they receive digital notes to follow along and fill in with direct instruction vocabulary, concepts, and check point questions. 

The teacher will walk around while giving direct instruction to insure students are able to navigate the digital notes

Once the students have received direct instruction on the factors of evolution they will explore the factors on their own while creating digital posters, one for each factor. 

Student Instructions

Students registered in schoology receive google classroom assignment

Students open their chrome books and open the digital notes

Students follow along with the teacher as direct instruction is given

Along the way students fill in missing parts of the notes and use google dictionary to fill in missing vocabulary definitions 

Students will arrive at question pages that they must discuss and answer on their copy, assigned through schoology and individual for each student, before being prompted to move on to the digital posters. 

3 Guided Practice

Free, Paid

Teacher will pull up videos of projects students have done from youtube that cover the four factors of evolution

Students will work in groups to design the first poster together, factor 1 the ability to increase in number

Before they work in a group the teacher will show them how to set up a page in google slides that is the size of an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper

The teacher will model how to set up the heading and text

The teacher will show students a video on the four factors done by students and ask them to explain what was helpful in the video to understanding the 4 factors

The teacher will show them how to create the first poster using the information from the video shown 

Students will then create the first poster with a group before working alone 

The teacher will walk around assisting students while they work

Student Instructions

Students will follow the teacher as they create a google slide document that is 8 1/2 by 11 

Students will follow the teacher as they set up the page with the heading and text sections 

Students will discuss what made the 4 factors easy to understand in the video shown

Students will share their ideas

Students will follow along creating the example poster with the teacher

Students will create a unique poster for factor 1 with a group 

4 Independent practice

The teacher will instruct the students to complete the last 3 posters individually and uniquely

The teacher will direct the students to submit to schoology when done 

The teacher will walk around and assist students while working

Student Instructions

Students will work individually to create the last 3 posters

Students will submit to schoology when done


5 Closing

The teacher will instruct the students to go to the schoology discussion board for this activity

The teacher will read the discussion question to the class "what were the 4 factors of evolution and how did they effect a species chances to evolve"

The teacher will explain that they have 5 minutes to answer this question 

The teacher will then instruct the students to read each others answers and comment on at least 2 other people post by either agreeing or disagreeing respectfully. 

Student Instructions

Students will access the discussion board for this activity

Students will answer the discussion question within the 5 minute time period


Next students will respond to at least 2 classmates posts by agreeing or disagreeing respectfully.