Lesson Plan

Forces in falling objects (Designing a parachute)

Understanding forces in falling objects, mainly gravity and air resistance and how this info is applied to design products
Tony D.
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My Grades 6, 7, 8
My Subjects Science
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  • Describe what forces can do
  • Recall that forces can be contact on non-contact forces and be able to name some examples
  • Explain the difference between mass and weight
  • Describe what friction is
  • Describe what balanced forces are
  • Recall what balanced forces can do


Grades 6
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  • Create a quiz about forces with some specific questions addressing vocabulary such as mass, weight, gravity, force, air resistance, upthrust, thrust, force meter, balanced, non balanced, contact...
  • Share Quiz: SOC-10074273
  • Run the quiz and analyze the results to see the parts the students are familiar and the ones you need to reinforce the content through the unit
Student Instructions
  • Join the room number and complete the quiz


  • Presentation about the different key words of the unit
  • Diagrams to represent forces with examples
  • Some clip videos and questions related to them

Resources here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6S998W8JQeLWFNqTVV2V0xSWTg

Student Instructions
  • Students complete some worksheets after the presentation


  • Show the FORCES animation (or ask the students to watch it independetly)
  • Ask students to do the quiz and activity (vocabulary)
  • Run the game "Flight adventure's. Forces of flights"
Student Instructions
  • Students complete the quiz and activity (vocabulary) after watching the animation
  • Students try the game for 5-10min until they understand the reason why the planes can fly


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Google Drive
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Resources: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6S998W8JQeLR3BoanhwWG53ZTA

Student Instructions
  • Students receive instructions sheet and rubric and start to plan their design investigation (to make it more exciting for the kids, I make a challenge: they must save an egg inside the plastic ziplock bag, it means more time gliding for a softer landing, therefore they need to figure out how to design it..)
  • Students do some research on ways to make parachutes
  • Materials, to simplify and don't waste too much money on resources, stick to the video using:
    • Plastic bags, strings, small ziplock plastic bags, sand/peebles, tape, ruler and scissors)


  • Students submit the lab report through turnitin
  • Using the tool mark on turnitin, I create the rubric and some comments link to the rubric to give them feedback

Resources: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6S998W8JQeLSW9XcXVXYWhxQW8

Student Instructions
  • Students submit the work
  • Students peer assess using turnitin (another tool from the platform) and a marking template (link to the rubric)