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Force and Motion: Contact VS Non-Contact Forces

Students will be able to distinguish between contact and non-contact forces.
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Students will be able to distinguish between contact and non-contact forces.  This activity is appropriate for an iPad1:1 or chromebook 1:1 learning environment.

Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Activity: Assessing

Bellwork.  Write the question on the board and allow students three minutes to answer and come up with as many answers as they can.  What sports are considered "Contact Sports"?

Have students share at least one answer with the class and discuss what makes a sport a "contact sport".





Student Instructions

Write AND answer this question in your interactive science notebook on page 23.  

What sports are considered "Contact Sports"? 



2 Direct Instruction

Play video explaining three contact forces and what makes then contact or non-contact.

Student Instructions

Watch Video. Write down the three forces explained in video and explain what makes each contact of non contact.

3 Guided Practice

Allow students to access the website and read through the page.  Students must open all links within the page and complete the three practice problems at the bottom of the page.  Have students write the answers to the questions on a notecard to turn in.

Student Instructions

Visit page and read through the lesson.  Click on any links available and complete activities.  Once all activities are complete you may answer the three questions at the bottom of the page.  Check your answer to see if you know your stuff!  Write the answers to your three questions on a notecard with your name in it.  Turn in it before you leave.

4 Individual Practice

Print out packet OR assign online through Google Classroom.

Student Instructions

Complete page one of homework packet.

5 Wrap-up

Activity: Assessing

Hand out a note card to each student.  Have the students write 3 things they learned, 2 things they found interesting and 1 question they still have about contact and noncontact forces.

Student Instructions

On your note card write 3 things you learned, 2 things you found interesting and 1 question you still have about contact and noncontact forces.