Lesson Plan

Force and Motion

Students will use textured boards and a toy car to test the distance that the car will travel on distance surfaces.
Rhonda S.
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Houston, United States
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My Grades 4
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Students will be able to draw and build an experiment to test the effect of force such as friction on an object.


Grades 4
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1 Hook

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In a Padlet the teacher will pose the following question to students for response:

How can we test the effects of forces on an object?

Student Instructions

In Padlet the student will respond to question posed.

2 Direct Instruction

The teacher will play the friction portion of video located in Force and Motion.

Student Instructions

The student will take notes and respond to questions while viewing video on friction.

3 Guided Practice

The teacher will facilitate the student exploration of friction using textured boards covered with wax paper, aluminum foil, bubble wrap, and sand paper.  Each textured board will be a separate station.

Student Instructions

Within a group of 3-4 the student will complete three trials per station to test the distance a toy car will travel on each surface.

4 Independent Instruction

The teacher will facilitate the entry of student data into a Google form.

Student Instructions

The student will enter the data of distances from each trial into a Google Forms document.  Once averages are determined, the students will compare data. The student will complete a slide show of exploration and include data collected.

5 Wrap Up

Google Drive
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Each group will present their slides for discussion and review.

Student Instructions

As groups present, each student will make note of similarities and differences in their investigation and prepare to discuss.