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Food Web

#STEMchallenge - Food Web
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Students will be able to... 

  • Make a chart representing classmates favorite foods
  • Create a unique and creative food web
  • Summarize and explain the food chain
  • Categorize a food web given examples


Grades 4 – 5
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MATRYOSKHA - Puzzle app (free) that has various animal themed nesting dolls that will pack into each other. Instead of showing them this, you can have the students solve the puzzle (in a limited number of moves) on the smart board as a bell ringer/quick challenge.


Nesting Dolls - Either show a simple video of someone packing and unpacking the various dolls. Ask the students "Has anyone ever seen one of these before?" "What are they?". If students do not know what they are have the students remember them and then change the topic. Hopefully the students are confused/curious on how the nesting dolls fit into the lesson. 


Youtube video:


2 INTRODUCTION - Food chain

Activity: Creating

ESSENTIAL QUESTION:  "What do you like to eat"?

CREATE A CHART: Document student answers on the white board  wait for a student to mention a common animal like; fish, chicken or cows. (If you the lesson runs short you can always revisit you students answers and create a graph showing the class's favorite food)

DISCUSS: For the student who said one of the common animals ask them "well...what does the_______ eat"? Using the Socratic method, continue to ask students "well...what does the______eat"? Continue questioning until the student says "the sun" or does not know. 




Free, Paid

View the video - be sure to take and display your notes as a teacher.Have the students mimic and add to the notes. You may need to pause the video in certain spots to review the vocabulary

Vocabulary: Food Chain,System,Ecosystem


Activity: Creating

REVIEW: The notes taken as a class, having students elaborate on the information. 

NO OPT OUT: Return to the student who mentioned the common animal during the introduction and have the student continue the food chain all the way down from him eating the common animal



CREATE: As a class practice creating a food web on Scholastic.com

INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: Have students use their tablets to create a food web. Walk around the class and help students who need it.


Activity: Assessing

WRAP UP - Bring back the nesting dolls. Have the students focus on the largest one and have them create an "apex predator". Once the students give a sufficient answer, continue down the line, all the way to the sun.

Reverse the order and show progression to the students

DIFFERENTIATION: If time permits have the students create their own food web and have them color it and label it. This model can be assigned as homework and reviewed for the next class.