Lesson Plan

Focus on Fluency

Students practice reading and rereading a passage to develop fluency and expression.
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Students will be able to...

Take a picture of a passage in a just right book they are currently reading

Save it to Evernote

Read and record their passage and time

Replay their reading, reflect on strengths and weaknesses

Reread the passage trying to make noted improvements



English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 3
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1 Hook

Students listen to a grade appropriate story being read to them and make notes about what the reader did well.

Teacher reviews how a fluent reader can read all of the words, adds expression or emphasis and pays attention to punctuation.


2 Direct Instruction

Teacher and students create an anchor chart of what a fluent reader sounds like.

3 Guided/Independent Practice

Free, Paid

Teacher will  model how to take a picture of a page students are reading  in  their just right book and save it to Evernote.  

Then, the teacher will model how to record and read the passage.  

Last, the teacher will model how to replay the passage.  The students will work with partners.  The partner will offer 2 glows or strengths and one grow or weakness.

Students can then reflect and reread to make improvements.

Students can then record how they improved.  Recordings can be emailed to parents to communicate progress and improvement in fluency.