Lesson Plan

Flipping Out over Romeo and Juliet

Students will explore Act II of Romeo and Juliet using the flipped model.
Suzy L.
Technology coordinator
Cherokee County Schools
Canton, United States
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Students will be able to...

  • understand Shakespearean language in Romeo and Juliet
  • use technology to assess their understandings of the play
  • use technology to refine their knowledge of the play
English Language Arts
Grades 9
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1 Hook

Students will listen to and read Romeo and Juliet at night using the flipped model via videos I have created that includes discussion.  Each 1-2 scenes will have its own video and response component.  Below is an example of the one of the videos I created using the Sock Puppets app and uploaded to YouTube.


2 Procedures

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  1. I will then analyze the scores of the response.
  • Those who make an A or B on the response will:

Have two class days to create a partner powtoon of Act II.

  • Those who make a C or below on the response:
    • Will participate in a Smartboard review activity using the Act II questions.  They will then fill in their questions and requiz on the unclear scene(s).  They will turn in their review notes for credit.
    • If time allows, they will then complete the activity for the first group, but may just do certain scenes since they will have less time.
  • Those who do not complete the response will:

Watch my flipped video in class and complete all components.  Based on their score on the assessment, they will be assigned either to review/ requiz or complete the powtoon.  Because their work was not done at home, they will have to complete the powtoon and review on their own time, which will probably be outside of class.  They also may be assigned to observe a group that did the work and write a detailed report of that group’s activities.