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Flat Wayne on Twitter

How we will use Twitter within out social
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My Grades K
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Students will be able to...

*Listen attentively to the teacher as she reads Tweets

*Identify #FlatStanley

*Locate cities/landmarks on Google Maps

English Language Arts
Social Studies
English Language Learning
Grades K
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1 Hook

Teacher will show the children the blue "Twitter bird" and ask if any of them know what it is.  We will watch the short video introducing what Twitter is for.

Student Instructions

Students will answer if they know about Twitter and then listen to the short video.

2 Direct Instruction

Teacher will show the children how to search for #FlatStanley and what exactly that means.  When we find out where Flat Stanley is, we will look up his location on Google Maps as a whole group.

3 Guided Practice

Teacher will demonstrate with Google Maps on the screen.

Student Instructions

Children will look up the places to see where Flat Stanley is as we search Twitter via Google Maps.

4 Independent Practice

Activity: Drawing

Teacher will explain directions for drawing activity.

Student Instructions

Children will decide upon one of the best places that they found for our Flat Wayne to visit while searching Google Maps today.  They will then use crayons and paper to draw what they think this place will look like.  

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Presenting

Teacher will facilitate the share portion of the Twitter/Google Maps activity.

Student Instructions

Children will share out their drawing of the place they wish for our Flat Wayne to visit, like a place that we found when searching #FlatStanley in today's lesson.