Lesson Plan

Flat Wayne

Flat Wayne will teach children about places other than Erie and will encourage appropriate speaking and listening skills.
Sara P.
Classroom teacher
Wayne School Erie, PA
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My Grades K
My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Learning

Students will be able to...

*Use the camera on the iPad to photograph Flat Wayne

*Discuss where Flat Wayne should go and what he should do with us

English Language Arts
Social Studies
English Language Learning
Grades K
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1 Hook

The video will be displayed on the screen through the teacher's iPad.

Student Instructions

Children will watch the video introduction about who and what Flat Stanley is and does.

2 Direct Instruction

Show Popplet on screen as well as air drop it to the children's iPads for them to view personally.

Tell children what each item entails on the Popplet.

Student Instructions

Open Popplet to view on individual iPads.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Drawing

Teacher will instruct the children to turn and talk to their partner or small group about where they would like to take Flat Wayne in Erie to photograph.

Children will then make a Flat Wayne to decorate our bulletin board with the map-while continuing to discuss their ideas about the project.

Teacher will guide discussion in groups.

Student Instructions

Children will turn and talk, discussing places they want to take Flat Wayne in Erie.

Create a Flat Wayne.

4 Independent Practice

Teacher will instruct children to draw a picture of the first place they would take Flat Wayne in Erie-a place they have been before and want to show the other participating classrooms.


Student Instructions

Use Drawing Cartoons app to draw their Flat Wayne and the place they want to take him.

Share with table partners.

5 Wrap Up

Teacher will look up a few of the places our Flat Wayne will go in Erie and on his journey and show the children on Google Maps to keep their excitement of the project going.

I will use formative assessment throughout the lesson with simple questioning to ensure the understanding of the project.