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Fitness and Food Choice: Health and Wellness for Sixth Grade

Students will make their own health and fitness goals through technology.
Kate-Lynn B.
Media specialist/librarian
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My Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
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Students will be able to...


Make informed food choices

Evaluate how their current lifestyle could be improved with simple modifications to their current food choices

Learn about counting steps and mapping runs/walks to encourage increased activity

Analyze how their fitness and food choices impact their lives

Create a unique and memorable run or walk

Understand the significance of technology to current health issues

Create a plan to improve an existing app or make their own to benefit health in some way

Health & Wellness
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Sugar Stacks: Food choice

Introduction:  Today we’re going to be discussing how simple changes to food choice and easy fitness changes can make a positive impact on your life. Developing these healthy habits now can lead to lifelong changes! We’re going to do all of this using apps, which will hopefully inspire you to think of ways to improve the existing products on the market. Reflecting on your own lifestyle will personalize this lesson.


1. Ask students to think of their favorite candy. Now their favorite non-water beverage. Write it down.

2. Distribute set of class laptops.

3. Go to the Sugar Stacks website.

4. Have students look up the food and drink items they looked up. Encourage them to look at a few other things, too. Spend no more than ten minutes on this part.

5. Start a class discussion on the following questions: were you surprised about what you found? What was the most surprising thing? How did you feel when you saw the recommended serving size? Do you think anything will change about your favorite treat? How can you make healthier choices?