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First-Time Fathers: 6 Tips To Strengthen Your Paternal and Marital Bonds

Parenthood is learned by experience. Follow these steps to help you through the process.
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There's very little that can prepare you for being a first-time father. Unfortunately, parenthood is something that can only be taught through experience. You can, however, access information and advice from more experienced parents. This information and advice, like the lessons explained below, can act as guidelines as you take the first steps on your journey through parenthood.


1. Be There

Once your spouse gives birth to your child, your presence in their lives will be more important than ever before. Children are very impressionable during their first years of life. Beginning the father-infant bonding experience at this early stage of your child's life will help to strengthen the relationship you have with them as they grow older. Try to refrain from working overtime and spending excess time away from home. Opt to spend more time at home bonding with your wife and your child to keep your family relationship strong.


2. Keep Your Word 

You and your spouse are the most important people in the world to your newborn. You and your spouse are the givers of comfort, sustenance, morality, faith, and trust. As your child grows older and begins to understand more of the world, their personality will be subconsciously shaped by the morals and ethics they observe in their parents. It is vital that you maintain a strong bond of trust with your child and your spouse. They need to know that they can rely on your word in times of doubt, struggle, and suffering.


3. Show Forgiveness 

Forgiveness is an important human lesson that needs to be learned and retaught through the generations. Forgiveness isn't just about granting the other person peace of mind. It's about giving yourself peace and releasing your anger. Forgiveness is also an important lesson in accepting that no one is perfect. It is an essential concept when it comes to raising a family and maintaining a healthy marriage. Forgiveness is a family tradition that every father should pass onto their child.


4. Offer A Helping Hand 

Each family has a different dynamic. This dynamic is often discussed between the wife and husband to determine the aspects of family life for which each person is responsible. This doesn't mean that there shouldn't be assistance given when needed. If your wife has taken it upon herself to care for the children and keep the house organized, this doesn't mean that she won't sometimes need your assistance with the children or the house. Offer her a helping hand when she asks for it to let her know that you are always there for her.


5. Childproof The House 

Once your child is old enough to begin crawling and walking, your home becomes an amusement park for their little hands. They need to touch and play with everything in your home. While this is adorable in many ways, it can also be dangerous in other ways. It's important to begin to childproof your house once they begin to move around on their own. You should be sure to childproof the inside of your house as well as the outside. When toddlers start to crawl they start to explore everywhere they can on their own. Because of this, you should move any potentially dangerous things out of the way.


A simple way to decide if something needs to be childproofed is to go through this simple checklist. First, is the object sharp and can it injure my child in any way? Second, It there something potentially dangerous within my child’s reach? Third, is there something in my yard that could harbor things like snakes, spiders, or anything else that could injure them. If so, you should move that out of the yard and far away from curious toddlers.


Some unexpected places that can harbor lots of poisonous insects include wood piles, covered boats and cars, and tight spaces between the fence and the home. If, for example, you have a covered boat and your child is starting to walk around, you should rent an indoor boat storage unit to house it. By moving potentially dangerous items out of your home and yard, you not only make more space for your child to have fun exploring, but you will also have the peace of mind that your child will be safe while doing so.  


6. Practice Empathy

Empathy is human kindness in motion. Practicing more empathy in your marriage will help to prepare you for fatherhood. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the situation of another person. This allows you to understand their feelings, mindset, and reactions. Raising a child requires you to practice empathy regularly so that you can relate to them with more human kindness. And a child raised with an abundance of human kindness will pay that kindness forward as they become a young adult.

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1 The Most Important Lesson

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The most important lesson you should learn as a first-time father is that your child is a separate individual with their own likes, dislikes, thoughts, and personality. You should always give them room and permission to be themselves.