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Finish Macbeth Act II

Students will finish Macbeth Act II and create a character chart
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Students will be able to analyze Act II in Macbeth and understand the position of characters in reference to Macbeth.

English Language Arts
Grades 10
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1 Bell Ringer

Activity: Reading

Students will grab their Mindset bellringers from the basket in the room and fill out the prompt for the day.


Activity: Reading

The teacher will set a timer for 10 mins. Students will read their choice books for until the timer goes off. From there they will fill out their SSR Logs, which contain what they read, and a summary. These are located in their Google Drive.

3 Finishing Macbeth Act II

Students will read their assigned parts from the Macbeth books provided in class. After Scene III we will stop and fill out the Google Form study guide, which is located on Google Classroom. We will use the same procedure for Scene IV.

4 Character Map

Students will then access Google Classroom to find the steps of their character map project, which are located in a Google Doc. They will use MindMup or another mapping application to map the characters that are present so far in Macbeth. They will need to add a picture, description, and title of the character.