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Finding the Slope of a Line

This lesson will introduce the concept of slope to students, and will help students to understand mathematical relationships between unit rates, average rates, graphs of lines, and steepness of lines. Teaching students about slope supports these Common Co
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to.Calculate the slope of a line using a graph, an equation, two points or a set of data points. II. Use the slope to differentiate between lines that are horizontal or vertical

Grades 9
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1 Video Mini Lesson

Students will  listen to a video lesson on the  slope of the line .

Student Instructions

 Teacher  will prompt students to listen to  the video and  take notes on padlet.

2 Practice

The teacher will allow students time to work on the assignment during class.  The teacher will monitor each student to ensure that they understand the concept.


Student Instructions

Students will work  in pairs on  the assignment during class.  They  will discuss solution methods and compare answers. 


3 Summary

The teacher will give a brief review of theslope of a line.  The teacher will give students different coordinates to find the slope of a line.  The teacher will then inform the students, “If any of you wants to become a carpenter, slope will be every important to them.” In final  the teacher  will ask student to complete define the slope of a line  give an  example.

Student Instructions

Student will write   their definition of the slope of a line and  give an example  by accessing  the   class room  number on    formative.