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Teacher-Created Lesson Plan

Finding the" Magic" in Magic Treehouse Series

Students will complete a text analysis of Magic Treehouse books.
Melinda L.
Classroom teacher
Carlisle-Foster's Grove Elementary School
Chesnee, United States
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My Subjects English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

Students will be able to analyze the characters, setting, and plot of a Magic Treehouse book within a small group bookclub and use there findings to compare and contrast the books in this series.  


English Language Arts
Grades 3
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1 Hook:

Free to try

Teacher will create a padlet for students to respond to the following: 

If you could travel to any place that you have read about or seen in a book, where would you go? 

Student Instructions

Students will type a response to the question on the padlet. 

2 Direct Instruction:

Teacher will create a "Toontastic" video of an appropriate book club discussion. 

Student Instructions

Students will create a noticings chart about the teacher's model of book clubs. 

3 Guided/Independent Practice:

Activity: Reading

Teacher will work with a small group book club for support in reading the text. 

Student Instructions

Students will read their books to determine the characters, setting, problem, solution.  

4 Culuminating Project:

Teacher will work with the small group book club to help create a "Toontastic" about the plot of their book. 

Teacher will show each book clubs "Toontastic" 

Student Instructions

Students will work with their book club group to create a "Toontastic" about the plot of their book. 

Students will create a noticings chart to record the similarities and differences in their book and other books in the series by watching the "Toontastic" created by other groups.