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Finding The Closest Ten

Students build the concept of finding the closest ten with visual images, munipulatives, and guided instruction. Then they apply it with guided/independent practice using various strategies.
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My Grades 2, 3
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Students will be able to...


-Represent and recognize the nearest 10 of a number using various strategies (hundred charts, number lines)

- (CC.2.1.2.B.2)  Use place value concepts to read, write, and skip count to 1000.


Grades 2
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1 1. The Hook: Previewing place value skills using Splash Math

Splash Math
Free to Try, Paid

Ss will start with a preview of skills by using Splash Math. T needs to have account and already loaded their students information on this site.


After assessing their place value skills, the T will be able to begin the lesson on the closest ten.

Student Instructions

Students please log in to the Splash Math website and begin your assignment on place value.

2 T Instruction/Guided Practice: Songs, Patterns, Number Lines and Hundred Charts

Activity: Investigating

The Teacher will pass out various Hundred charts to students and will ask them to listen to various counting songs. T will ask Ss what patterns they notice. T will then list the different patterns that are seen. When Ss recognize that the last column of hundred chart are numbers in the tens (ending in zero) the T will have Ss color code this column.

T will then ask Ss to point to various numbers and ask Ss to tell the T which ten it is closest to on the chart. T will do various examples with Students.

T will also introduce Ss to an additional strategy: the use of number lines. Using the SmartBoard, the T will also show how students can create a number line and find the closest ten using it. T will also use PPT with various numbers and will ask Ss to tell what two tens the different numbers fall between.

After several examples, Ss will be asked to share answers to various problems that ask for the closest ten of different two digit numbers (2nd Grade Pearson Math 2008 Edition, lesson 3-6 pages 95-96).

Student Instructions

Ss will need to listen to counting songs and then color code hundred chart based on T directions. Ss will also need to locate various numbers on the chart and indicate which ten a number is closest to on the chart.

Ss watch teacher created PowerPoint and will look for the various tens that each number falls between. Ss will mark the numbers and the closest tens on their papers (which coincides with the PPT).

Ss will complete a worksheet with the teacher that allows them to practice finding the closest ten using stategies discussed (hundred chart/number lines).

3 Independent Practice: Partner Work/Strategy Creation

T assigns math partners and has them complete math pages associated with lesson (2nd Grade Pearson Math 2008 Edition, lesson 3-6 pages 95-96). Partners work together to find the closest ten using their hundred charts and/or number lines (student created). T circulates around the room and checks for understanding.

Student Instructions

Ss work with their partner and on math independent practice page 3-6. Partners help each other using their hundred chart and/or number line.

Ss can also work together on Ipads and utilize the MathBoard app in order to create their own hundred charts or number lines.

4 Closing: Journals and Homework

Free, Paid

T will ask Ss to please pull out their math journals and complete an entry on today's lesson. Students can then use padlet to post their WILT (What I learned today) for today's lesson. T sets up Padlet on class computers and assists Ss as needed to create post using Padlet. T reviews their WILTS to check for lesson connections.

T assigns homework for 3-6.

Student Instructions

Ss complete their journal entry using math journals. Then Ss will post their WILT using the Padlet Website on classroom and T assistance .


Ss complete homework assignment on 3-6.