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Finding MY Appiness Within ME

Students are caught up in a world where they are conflicted by media messaging, videos, and print materials. They are often unable to see past the incoming messages and find happiness in who they are. This lesson teaches just that.
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Students will be able to reflect upon self actualization.

Students will be able to compare themselves to a character who isn't happy with who she is. 

Students will be able to analyze the actions of the character, and the impact those actions have on her. 

Students will be able to predict actions throughout the the story to determine the next event that will take place. 

Students will discuss how the character changed her perception on what happiness really is within .

English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 4
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1 Get Connected

Activity: Reading

This is a wonderful beginning of the year activity, but could be adapted at any time. 

Teacher will want to begin with a discussion about what makes each person special. As students think about those things, ask if there are things they might like to change about themselves. Let the discussion lead into setting up a preview of the book Is There An App for That  by Bryan Smith. 

Student Instructions

Students will come up with at least one thing that makes them special, and one that they would like to change. They will participate in a discussion and preview the book Is There An App for That  by Bryan Smith. They will make predictions about what they think the story will be about. 

2 Read & Discuss

Activity: Conversing

This could be a real aloud or close read. As the main character Hailey struggles with self acceptance, apply text to self practice. How are you/ we like Hailey. How many of us would like an app that might eliminate the things we do not like about ourselves? Guide this discussion throughout, but also talk about how that change with the app had consequences and impact on who she was. 

Student Instructions

Students will be comparing themselves to the text and the characters' actions. They will be reflecting on what they might do if they had a mirror with apps that could change who they were. 

3 Brainstorming

Activity: Assessing

Advise students they need to draft a list of the very things that will make them an amazing contribution to your classroom. Have them come up with a minimum of 5 good adjectives that show who they are. A mini adjective review may be in order if done in the beginning of the year. 

Student Instructions

Students will brainstorm and draft a list of 5 or more adjectives that identify what they appreciate about who they are. They can think about what will make them an amazing contribution to the classroom, being just who they are and nothing more. 

4 Show Who YOU Are

Teacher will model the use of Seesaw and how to take an image and add a label. Model by taking your picture and adding a few labels that describe you. The example could be done in advance, but you will want to model how to log in to Seesaw, add an image, and add a label. You can also show how to add a style and move the label around the image. Instruct students to sign in, take a selfie, and add a minimum of 5 labels that tell us who they are. 

Student Instructions

Students will login to Seesaw, add an image, take a selfie, and add 5 or more labels about what makes them special. They need to submit the image to the learning journal when they are done. 

5 Reflect on our SelfIES

Once all students have completed the task in Seesaw, and you have previewed and approved each post,  display the learning journal feed for the students to see. Point out how amazing your class is with so many amazing pieces to our puzzle. Celebrate the great things students see in themselves and talk about how it will impact your classroom family for the year. This is also a great time to talk about how we use digital media. You could address digital perfection/ commenting and feedback on educational and social media. 

Student Instructions

Students will learn to view the student journal and respect those who vulnerably posted their work for others to see. They will look at each students' work and identify how they are alike and different. They need to learn now to give feedback appropriately in this medium. They can reflect on the activity as a whole and identify the overall message.