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Finding infinite universes

In this App Flow, the students will learn about microscopes and how they help us see the unseen.
Mike S.
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Mount Prospect Elementary School
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Students will be able to...identify the purpose of a microscope.

SWBAT identify the parts of a microscope.

SWBAT identify the message on microfiche to see if they understand how to use a microscope.

Grades 5
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1 Introduction to Microscopes

For the first part of the lesson, I want to grab the student's attention and have them realize what the purpose of microscopes are.  I plan to show the BrainPop on microscopes.  It is fun and easy to understand, and I know that my students will pay attention to it!

2 Identify the parts of the microscope

Activity: Exploring

In this part of the lesson, the students receive their mini-microscopes. The students spend 5-10 minutes exploring the different pieces of the microscope and imagine what they are used for.  Then, I focus the class and we view a chart that has the names for the various parts of the microscope and their uses.  In this way, students learn the names and the function of the different parts of the microscope.

3 Can you use the microscope correctly?

Activity: Exploring

For this part of the lesson, I pass out a microfiche strip to each student.  Printed on the strip are a simple set of instrucitons for the student to follow.  The key is for them to be able to operate the microscope to see the printed message!  Students have a good time with this and eventually all students see the message (usually!)  In this way, I know that they are capable of using the mini-microscopes correctly.  Therefore, I can move on with the unit.

4 Wrap-up

For wrap-up, the studens get to play the GAMEUP virtual lab game attached to the microscope movie on Brainpop.  It is great fun and very cool, even for the teacher!