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Finding Figurative Language

Hook your kids with figurative language, hip-hop style!
Lisa M.
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Students will understand figurative language terms.

Students will be able to recognize different types of figurative language in a song.

Students will be able to provide their own examples of figurative language.

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Hook

Free to try, Paid

Prior to the teaching this lesson, set up your classes in your Engrade gradebook. You will need this during this lesson's direct instruction; it would be good to have your classes set up ahead of time. In order to hook your students and get them interested in learning about the different types of figurative language, bring some hip-hop into your classroom! Show them the Flocabulary Figurative Language video "Word Play." The lyrics can be printed out so that students have a copy in front of them. Additionally, you can print out a “fill-in-the-blanks” version of the song. With this worksheet, students fill in the missing lyrics as they listen to the song. The song "Word Play" creatively defines key figurative language terms in the form of a catchy rap. Each key term stands out on the website lyrics in blue font. Clicking on the term will show its definition. This video focuses on the following terms: alliteration, allusion, assonance, hyperbole, irony, juxtaposition, metaphor, onomatopoeia, personification, pun, and simile. 

2 Direct Instruction

Free to try, Paid

Use the "Figurative Language Notes" sheet provided with the "Word Play" video. This sheet allows students to take notes on the terms, definitions, examples from the song, and their own examples. Review the terms as you feel necessary; there are 11 figurative language terms used in the video. This can be adapted for your classroom and your needs. The notes sheet provides 5 spaces for terms but the directions indicate that more terms could be added to a separate sheet of paper. Answer questions as needed to help students understand the terms. For a formative assessment during this direct instruction, ask students to share the examples they wrote on their notes sheets. 

3 Guided Practice

Free to try, Paid

After reviewing the terms, use the second part of the Flocabulary "Word Play" notes sheet for guided practice. This involves matching the terms with new examples that were not included in the song. As part of the guided practice, review the answers with your class to check for understanding before moving on to independent practice. Additionally, you can provide students with a set of flashcards to review the terms by using the Engrade website. Setting up your classes on Engrade prior to this lesson is helpful. Each student will have an account, and you can assign the figurative language flashcards to each student as guided practice. If you create a class calendar within Engrade, you are able to select a date to assign your flashcards. This is the date on which the flashcards will appear on the class calendar; students could use the flashcards at home.

4 Independent Practice

In order for students to practice independently, create a figurative language quiz using Engrade. Engrade quizzes let you administer online multiple-choice quizzes to students in your classes. These quizzes are automatically scored and can be added to your class gradebook with a single click.  You can create any type of questions that you feel would work for your class. You can also provide your students with an opportunity to retake a quiz. Students need to be enrolled in one of your Engrade classes to take the quiz. It's very easy to create a quiz with Engrade, and the automatic scoring is a huge time saver!

5 Wrap-Up

Using ScreenChomp, challenge your students to demonstrate their new knowledge of figurative language terms by creating their own hip-hop song. Working from "Word Play" as a model, ask them to include a certain number of terms and examples in the song. This is also great for differentiating instruction by ability or interest. Student could work in groups or own their own. After the videos are completed, watch them and enjoy a class celebration with a figurative language hip-hop party!