Lesson Plan

Female reproductive system

The students will be able to describe the parts and analyze the functions of the female reproductive system.
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to: *Discuss their prior knowledge about reproduction. *Read scientific information about the female reproductive system. *Listen to information to identify hormones involved with the female reproductive system *Label the parts of the female reproductive system

Grades 9 – 12
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1 Hook

Activity: Presenting

The first paragraph is read out loud(Smart Board-Audio describing the importance of the process of reproduction) http://kidshealth.org/teen/sexual_health/changing_body/female_repro.html

The students complete a sentence starter: The function(s) of the female reproductive system is(are)________________________________________________.

2 Direct instruction

Activity: Presenting

Interactive female reproductive system is shown to the class http://kidshealth.org/teen/interactive/female_it.html

3 Guided practice

Activity: Presenting

While the students observe the parts and the description of the functions of each part they label a diagram of the female reproductive system to identify its parts and function.


4 Indepentdent practice

Activity: Exploring

The students have the option to use www.innerbody.com or www.kidshealth.com In small groups -A.The students will fill in a graphic organizer about the parts and function of the female reproductive system. B. The students answer the following questions: 1.What could happen if the ovaries stop working? 2.Can pregnancy occurs if the fallopian tubes are blocked? 3.Where is the egg fertilized? 4. Are hormones needed for reproduction? explain


5 Wrap-up

Activity: Assessing

The students are individually assessed using www.socrative.com Formative assessment consists of Living Environment Regents questions-multiple choice and constructive response questions.

6 Performance task

Activity: Other — Summative assessment

The students can use the following apps/websites to complete the final assessment:

www.innerbody.com        www.kidshealth.com       www.biodigitalhuman.com      www.ck12.org  or any other previously approved by the teacher.

The students can choose one of the following tasks:

~~A) Report (100 points)
Gives detailed information on the female  reproductive  system.
Your report should include:
*Title page (10 points)                                                                         
*Major functions of system (20 points)
*Diagram of organs in the system (10 points)                                  
*Function of each organ in the system (20 points)
*Diseases associated with this body system (10 points)
*How this body system works with other body system to maintain homeostasis (30 points)
      B) Poster or Model (100 points)
             *Title (10 points)
 *Student name on poster or model (10 points)
 *Outline of body (10 points)
 *Diagram of major organs in anatomically correct locations (30 points)
 *Labels of major organs (30 points)
 *The information is clear and well organized (10 points)
C) PowerPoint (100 points)
*Title slide and title (4 points)
*8 slides (6 points)
*At least 8 graphics (10 points)
*Lists and explain the functions of the organ system (30 points)
*Identifies the organs and their functions (30 points)
*Describes a disease associated with the body system (20 points)
D) Commercial or skit                                           
Your assignment is to research the female reproductive system and create a skit or commercial that describes that system. Your skit/commercial should convince the other students in your class of the importance of that body system. You want to “sell” that system. You should describe the function of each major organ/component of your system. You should explain why that body system is essential for supporting life. You should also discuss any problems or diseases that can occur in your system if you don’t take care of your body properly. You will have two days to research your system. You will have one day in class to work on writing the skit or commercial. Any work not completed in class will have to be done on your own time! You may present the skit or commercial live or you may record it and play the video for the class. The commercial should be approximately 5 minutes in length (see rubric).