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Family Immigration Stories

Students will use digital resources to create their own immigration story.
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Students will be able to...

  • Practice communication and note-taking skills by interviewing family members
  • Use a digital tool to help organize and write their family immigration story
  • Compare and contrast immigration stories through whole class discussion
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Grades 3 – 4
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1 Hook

Present Ellis Island video as an introduction on immigration. After the video have students work on the activity which is to create a family tree.

2 Homework extension

Activity: Investigating
  • As a class discuss what it means to conduct an interview.
    • Have students take turns interviewing a partner.
    • Explain that for homework they will interview a member of their family to gain information about their family history. Encourage students to bring in photos or artifacts that help tell their family story.
  • Show an example of the interview sheet they will be using. It is recommended that you have your own sheet filled out to show an example of answers they might receive.
  • Family Background Interview worksheet includes the following questions:

    • Who were the first people from our family to come to America?

    • What country did they come from?

    • What year did they come?

    • Why did they choose to come to America?

    • What traditions did they bring from their country

    • Think of 1 more question that you would like to know about your family.





3 Creating Family Story

Students will require the use of iPads for this part of the lesson.

  • Give students a tutorial on how to use My Story. Using your family history as the example show students how they can add photos, voice, text, etc to their stories.
  • Students should plan out what they want to say and their visuals before creating their project.  

4 Share, critique, compare

  • Give students a chance to go around and read each other's family stories. 
  • Have a class discussion not only about the books but also comparing the stories.  Are there similarities or differences in the stories?
  • Use Google Earth to explore the different countries the families were from before coming to America.