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Families in our Community

Why are families so important? How do our families make up a community? Who are the people in my family?
Christine B.
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1 Hook

Watch video clip on families from brainpop jr.

who are the people in my family?

Who do we start with?

how many people are in my family?

Why are each member of my family important?

Student Instructions

Students will look at members of the family

identify who they are

what their role is in their family

why are they an important part of their family

2 Direct/Guided Practice

Activity: Creating

use doppelme.com

Modeling how to create a avatar

students would be able to create their family out of avatars 

Student Instructions

Create a avatar of theirself 

then adding and creating an avatar family that represents their family 

3 Independent Practice

How is their family part of a community?

What are some places in their community?

creating a community by step by step instruction

Student Instructions

students will be able to create and develop what their community looks like where they live

4 Wrap Up/homework

Students would be able to create a short clip on their own with a family member and who they are.