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Fairy Tales

A critical point of view
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Students will be able to:

  • communicate in a second language by expressing opinion and using vocabulary related to Fairy Tales
  • improve their practice of various tenses
  • enhance their creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills

This lesson plan can be used for any foreign language class, not only for French.

World Languages
Grades 10
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1 Brainstorming

Free, Paid

Go to socrative.com and login as a teacher. Create  a quick question: "Les contes de fées" (short answer, unlimited and anonymous) and request students to brainstorm with all the words that come to their mind about the topic.

Help them check spelling, inaccurate gender, etc.

Wrap up by asking them to recap the main ideas orally in French.

Student Instructions

Students go to socrative.com and add the code given by the teacher.

They respond to the question individually or they can collaborate, they have unlimited answers which can encourage them to keep trying and adding ideas.

Wrap up: students speak orally to recap the main ideas.

2 Commonalities about Fairy Tales

Activity: Investigating

The teacher writes 3 questions  on the board and leave post-its for students to use in order to investigate about the questions (while using a timer of 10-15 min)

1- Qu'est-ce que tous les contes de fées ont en commun? (What are the commonalities about Fairy Tales?)

2- En quoi les contes de fees peuvent-etre consideres "cliches"? (Why/How can Fairy Tales be considered "cliche"?)

Student Instructions

The students work as one group, go to the board and add their ideas on post-its.


3 Critical Points of view

The teacher create QR code using the URL provided above.

The teacher facilitates and differentiates when needed.

Student Instructions

The student make small groups of their choice and need to scan the QR codes to access the various resources.

The students read the various resources and make a popplet collaboratively (within their group) to show their understanding about the criticisms related to Fairy Tales.

4 Creative Work

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Assessment or Homework

The teacher shares a Google Slide template on Google Classroom and ask the students to fill it in (can be homework) to write a story about a Fairy Tale which will raise awareness about various issues (students can choose among the list):

- sexism

- physical or mental disabilities

- anorexia/boulimia

- self-image

- ...

Differentiation can be provided after the students have opened their slides: teacher can help specific students via chat and / or provide extra slides / remove slides to reduce the amount of work (for weaker students) OR increase (to challenge students).

Student Instructions

Students choose a topic and fill in the slides individually. While using Google slides through Google Classroom, they can chat with their teacher anytime for help.