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Factoring Polynomials -Edpuzzle/YouTube Video Post

Students use collaboration to learn new concepts, using instructional Edpuzzle and YouTube videos.
Trenton T.
Classroom teacher
Keith McCarthy Academy
Lake Elsinore, United States
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My Grades 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to factor polynomials use or identify the appropriate operations, which include:

Greatest Common Factor

Difference of Squares

Quadratic Trinomials into the product of binomials

Factor by Grouping

Grades 8 – 12
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1 Lesson Explanation

This lesson has little direct instruction, and more of letting students analyzing and creating a video that can be used as a great study and learning resource for themselves and classmates.

In our class, Edpuzzle is used to help flip our class. So as a teacher, I regularly assign videos, for students to watch. These videos are usually videos from YouTube, that I hand select, which fit various criteria, that are intended to help students the most.

It is a helpful skill to be able to seek out help, on your own, and this project serves to help students develop that skill on YouTube. It also helps students consider the types of questions that could be asked, and why, as well as the explanation that comes with right or wrong answers. Furthermore, students will be able to learn from one another and remember to cite their original sources of the videos they select or watch.

For this particular lesson, student will break into groups that will each cover a particular part of the section. They should have already watched any videos that correspond to the part they are covering, and will find additional videos that are related and can be helpful study aides.

The videos selected should satisfy criteria you have set in place. Something I have my students look for are videos that are different than ones already made available, as well as videos that are neither too short, nor too long.

Depending on your comfortability, or perhaps the class tools and resources your class is familiar with, you can have students post their videos to either a discussion board (like in Canvas) or Edpuzzle. In either one, you can have your students create various notes, questions, and more, that tie in with the video.

An example of what you could include/expect if it was completed on Edpuzzle, as a student project, are:

  1. retitle of video on Edpuzzle
  2. include a note that mentions
    • the original title of the video and source of the video.
    • a description of what this video covers
  3. create a multiple choice question that includes the choices, the correct answer, as well as feedback for each choice
  4. and one additional edit, which could inclue:
    • cropping the ends of the video
    • adding audio note(s)
    • adding additional questions (multiple choice or free response)
    • adding additional notes
    • as well as embedding any useful type of media

If you are not familiar with Edpuzzle, you could elect to assign student groups particular videos to watch for whatever concept they are in charge of covering. They can then post their video to a discussion board, and include questions and any other additional notes, comments, etc. that you'd like. This is a little more convenient because the whole class's work will be already visible for others to learn from. If you use the Edpuzzle student project route, you have to upload them to a page so other students can see.

You can modify this lesson as you like. Perhaps making this more of an assignment/project, a jigsaw activity, or incorporate elements from other instructional strategies.