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Exprorer's Trails

When Hisotry Lesson is integrated with geography and technology.
Sara A.
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Students will be able to...

- identify the historian that they want to research about,

- develop their research skills,

- explore innovations through out history.

Social Studies
Grades 4
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1 Hook

Activity: Exploring

Students will explore a brief history about how human developed through inventions that people created to facilitate our lives.


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On a Padlet wall, students decide who is the explorer that they want to inquire and explore about. Students then will decide whether they want to work individually or in group. According to what they decide they receive instruction of suggestion on what is the outcome should be like.


Students are then asked to research on the web and through books. Once they are done, they need to summarize and complies all the information needed to prepare a presentation on that. 

Students then trace their explorer trail on Google maps. Then present their finds to their friends. This presentation is going to be recorded and added on google maps.



4 Wrap up

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With their ipads/Computers, students then are asked to fill an exist sheet and upload the image on padlet.