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Exponential Growth Functions Using Percents

Collaboration and digital engagement for problem solving
Nicole Q.
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Eastridge Senior High School
Rochester, United States
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My Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
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• Recall the definition of an exponential function(Knowledge) • Convert percents to decimals (Knowledge) • Fill out a table given a starting value and growth factor (Comprehension) • Write a function that models population and use it to make predictions (Application) • Compare exponential function with linear functions(Evaluation) Work together collaboratively to solve a problem

Grades 9
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1 Hook/Attention Grabber

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Show a video that demonstrates exponential growth and how large populations and/or bank accounts can get with exponential growth.  Stop the video at pre-determined stopping points and have students answer questions about the segment of the video they just watched. 

Student Instructions

Students will answer questions when the teacher stops the video.  

2 Direct Instruction

1.) Have students recall the components of an exponential growth function. 2.)Model how to write exponential growth functions using percents. Teacher will emphasize how to correctly write the percent in the growth function. Review notes and have students add more information if necessary. Summarize the parts of an exponential function and what is needed in a growth function. 3.) Compare/contrast Exponential and linear functions using a Google doc that all students will have access to and can contribute to.

Student Instructions

Students will keep track of all information for the direct instruction in notability with color -coded examples of each part of the exponential function. Students will compare and contrast exponential and linear functions using a venn diagram that is in a Google doc that all students can contribute to. Students will open the Google doc that the teacher had previously shared and given them editing rights to.

3 Guided Practice

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Review questions on converting percents to decimals in the exponential function. Teacher will run Socrative teacher paced and will go over each question after the students have answered it. The teacher will use the app to visually see how many students are getting a question wrong. If not as many students got a particular question wrong, less time will be spent going over that question.

Student Instructions

Students need to download the app or go to the website and enter in the teacher room number. The questions will pop on their screen. These multiple choice questions will involve converting percents to decimals. They will become increasingly more difficult and the last question will be about finding a growth factor.


4 Independent Practice

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Students will work in groups on the population growth examples. Students will create a model for their scenario and then then post their problem, explanation and solution to the class padlet. Students will verbally explain their problems to the class.

Student Instructions

Students will complete their work and then take a picture of their work to add to the class padlet. Students will have a resource of multiple problems and solutions. They can add the link to the padlet in their notes.

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Exploring

Teacher will pose one final scenario on the board. Students will write their response on an exit card. The teacher will take pictures of the exit cards and display them on the board during the next class and ask students which solutions are correct and why. The teacher will also highlight common mistakes. Student names will not be displayed on the board. The teacher will know who completed each card, but the students will not.