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Exploring Montreal

In this lessons students can explore the city of Montreal through historical photographs and make connections with today taking a current photograph of the same place
Elizabeth L.
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Kuper Academy
Kirkland, Canada
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My Grades 10, 11
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Students will be able to . . .

-make connections

-have a greater appreciation of their city

Social Studies
Grades 9 – 10
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1 Hook

Have Google Maps open to Montreal. Discuss some of the geographic features that make Montreal a unique city. Examples that students might come up with: it's an island; the oldest parts of the city are located close to the water and in the centre of the island; the mountain is still the dominate geographic features and physically divides the city.

Once the students have discussed, you can use "Street View" to show students some of the landmarks of the city. Landmarks can include: the mountain, the Old Port, McGill University, Mary Queen of the World Cathedral, Bonsecour Market, etc.