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Exploring Fractions

Students will explore and learn about fractions
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Students will be able to identify halves, thirds and fourths, matching the pictures to the fractions. Students will also be able to create their own fractions, demonstrating their learning. 

Grades 2
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1 Hook

Activity: Exploring

Ask students to split themselves into groups that represent certain fractions. 

For example: "Split into half", "Split into quarters", "One half of you, sit down."


Observe student undrestanding of fractions. 

2 Direct Instruction

Watch Brain Pop Jr video about fractions (Basic Parts of A Whole).

3 Guided Practice

As a class, teacher projects the app on the board and completes a few activities as a class. This will both introduce the app to the students and show them how to use it. 

4 Independent Practice

Students independently practice the app. While students are working the teacher(s) circle the class and note any students who are having difficulties (and work alongside them to clarify content). 


5 Wrap Up

Activity: Conversing

Students can sit back at the front, and together as a class, review the numerator and denominator (can do this simple with the sheet of paper). 

Optional formative: students can get a white board, marker and eraser (or paper and pencil) and either write down the fractions the teacher draws or draws the fraction the teacher writes. 

Example: teacher writes '3/4' and students draw a picture to represent it