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Explore More About Minerals

Students will pick their own mineral to explore and present on.
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Students will be able to...

Be an expert on one mineral of their choosing.

Communicate their research to an audience.

Grades 4
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Students will be extending their knowledge of minerals by choosing one particular  mineral to research. They will be creating a "Did You Know?" poster about these materials to share around the school. They will also create a QR code to link the audience to a website to learn more about their material.

The Hook will consist of the teacher telling the students about their project.

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Conversing

The class will stay in a large group, but research independently which rock/mineral they want to report on. 

List of minerals with pictures: http://www.rocksandminerals4u.com/minerals.html

Students will explore these minerals and determine which they report on. The class will keep a group list on Schoology.

Teacher will explain to students what they will be doing. Students will access the directions on Schoology, they are also listed below.

Directions for Mineral Project:

Individually, you will research and report on a mineral.

Your poster must include: The name, a picture, the hardness, and the properties of the mineral, what it is used for, where it can be found, and anything else interesting about the mineral. Also, the poster will include a QR code that links readers to an interesting website about the mineral.

Students will be assessed on:


4- The poster is neat, easy to read, and it includes all of the required items plus extras.

3- The poster is fairly neat, easy to read, and it includes the required items.

2- The poster is somewhat neat, easy to read, and it includes most of the required items.

1- The poster is not neat, or easy to read, and it is missing many of the required items.


4- The information is accurate and particularly interesting.

3- The information is accurate.

2- The information is mostly accurate.

1- The information is not accurate.








3 Guided Practice

Activity: Other — Researching

Students will work to research the mineral and determine everything they want to include on their poster. The teacher will guide students through their reserach process. 

The links below are good websites for students to use:




4 Independent Practice

Activity: Creating

After students gather all of their information, they will create their mineral posters. 

5 Wrap-Up

Activity: Presenting

Students will present posters, take pictures of them, and  hanging them around the school to teach others about their minerals.