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Explain Properties of 2D Shapes

Students use Easy Studio to combine 2D shapes into new shapes and then label and describe the properties of those shapes.
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Students will be able to combine 2 or more 2D shapes to create a new shape or object and then identify the vertices, sides, and angles for the original shapes and new shapes.

Grades 1 – 3
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1 Hook

Activity: Exploring

This lesson should occur after an introduction to 2D shapes and their properties. Allow students time to play with felt board pieces and pattern blocks.

2 Direct Instruction

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Ask pairs of students to name and describe the felt and pattern block pieces they played with. Descriptions should address number and length of sides, number of vertices, number and size of angles.

Use Nearpod for a class discussion about how 2D shapes can combine to form different 2D shapes. For example, 6 triangles can form a hexagon and 2 squares form a rectangle.

Use Nearpod to check for understanding.

3 Guided Practice

Project the book Geometry by Penny Dowdy in the Epic app for whole class viewing and read the first 11 pages together as a review of 2D shapes and their properties. For each shape have pairs of students discuss and name a real-life example.

Ask pairs of students to complete 2 puzzles in the app ThinkerToy. In this app students combine shapes to complete a real-world object. They should take a screenshot of each of their completed puzzles and use AirDrop to share so the screenshot is on each of their iPads (if 1:1).

4 Independent Practice

Students use Easy Studio - Animate with Shapes! to create an animation in which 2 or more shapes combine to form a new shape or object. It should be a shape or object that exists in real life. Differentiate based on student ability, asking more able students to combine more initial shapes. They can use either "easy lesson 5" or "expert" mode for this activity. Have students send their animation to the camera roll.

Ask students to take a screenshot of their initial individual shapes and a screenshot of their finished new shape or object.

Import the 2 screenshots to Skitch and label the sides, vertices, and angles of the original shapes and the finished shape or object.

Create an Explain Everything video. Students first import and describe the labeled Skitch image of the original shapes. Next, they include the Easy Studio animation showing how their original shapes combine to form something new. Finally, they import and describe the labeled Skitch image of the final shape or object.

5 Wrap-up

Activity: Presenting

Students present their Explain Everything projects to the class using Airserver or Reflector.