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Explain Everything-How to use the OPAC

Library Lesson: Students will create a presentation for younger students showing the correct way to search for books using the OPAC on their iPads.
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Library Lesson: Indicators-Students can independently  find and locate a book by doing an author, title, and subject search.

1)Students will be able to...use "Explain Everything App" to create a presentation to use with younger students. They will go through all steps on how to locate and use the OPAC (Schools online card catalog system).

2) Students will be applying knowledge learned ahead of time to share with other students on how to locate books in the school library using the OPAC.

This lesson plan works well with iPads, but could easily be adapted for another piece of technology.


English Language Arts
Grades 1 – 4
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

-Attention Getter: Show previous years examples and have students agree or disagree with the information provided.

-Does this example show the correct order of steps with finding a book on the OPAC?

-After students have learned about the OPAC, how to use it to locate books, they will teach younger students as well. 


Student Instructions

Students will be able to correctly identify if the presentation correctly shows how to locate a book on the OPAC. 

By doing this students will see examples good and bad and it will refresh them on the steps to locating a book on the OPAC.


2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Presenting

***This is the directions that I would take through as students watch me create an example. Most students by 3rd grade have used this app, and have a good understanding of how it works.****

Explain Everything is an App that allows you to create a presentation with voice over. It is like an interactive Power Point

I will give students an example of 8 slides. These slides will have the correct wording, for students to use in their presentation.

  • I will introduce "Explain Everything App."
  • How to create a new presentation. First you select the App, then when it opens find the + button and select a color scheme.
  • Now you will see your presentation. At the bottom of the screen find, "Slide 1 of 1, and hit the + button next to it until you see 8 slides.
  • To add text select the "A" button on the left hand side of the screen. Then tap on the presentation and start typing.
  • To add a picture there is a "+" button the left hand side of the screen. Then select add a photo. It will show your photos you have taken ahead of time.



Student Instructions

During this time students are not on their iPads but they are watching the teacher as I model what they will do.

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Exploring

Together  as a class we will make slide 1 together.

As I add text, I let them show me they know how to add text.


Student Instructions

Students follow along with teacher as he/she shows the steps for slide 1.

4 Idependent Practice

During this time, I will walk around the room helping students that need. This will help me understand how comfortable students are with the App and the content. 


Student Instructions

Students are working independently on the presentation using the "Library App" and the "OPAC" to find information and pictures.

Once the presentation is done, and I have checked all slides, students will do a voice over to talk through each slide of information.

5 Closure

Activity: Presenting

I will collect via email all student work. I will give a grade based on information provided is what needs to happen to locate a book on the OPAC.

Student Instructions

Students will get to share with their class once finished. For the first day I will ask students to talk in table partners and discuss the importance of this project and what this is teaching them?

**Then I will randomly call on a few students to summarize the learning of this project.