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Even and Odd

Students will learn how to pair groups of objects to determine if they are even or odd.
Maeghan J.
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Cooley Springs-Fingerville Elementary School
Chesnee, United States
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My Grades 2
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Students will be able to...

determine whether a number is even or odd by pairing objects. 

Grades 1 – 2
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1 Hook

TCW gather to have a math talk in a whole group setting. TTW then pose the question, "We have 17 students in our class. If we need to have partners for our next activity, will everyone have a partner?" TTW let students think quietly to themselves to determine their answer. TCW talk about solutions and TTW record answers and thinking on chart paper.  We will discuss the correct answer by having students demonstrate by finding a partner and revealing the results. TTW show the youtube video Odd and Even Numbers to show other students thinking. 

Student Instructions

TSW reason abstractly and think independently about the question. They will practice their listening and reasoning skills while listening to others' thinking. 

2 Direct Instruction

Activity: Investigating

TTW introduce the vocabulary word odd by referencing the math talk. TTW then use another student to create 18 and discuss the pairing results. TTW introduce the vocabulary word even. TTW use a document camera to show a group of objects. TSW have the objects and replicate teacher work at their seat. TTW show multiple examples of a group of objects and how to pair them to determine if they are even or odd. TTW chart the number on an anchor chart and draw a picture on the chart of the objects paired and then write even or odd. 

Student Instructions

TSW replicate student work at their seat with the same number of manipulatives. TSW copy the anchor chart in their math notebooks. 

3 Guided Practice

Activity: Investigating

TTW give students a bag of objects and will circulate the room and provide assistance for students who need help pairing. TTW check each students' notebook during the guided practice for understanding. 

Student Instructions

TSW work in partners to take handfuls of objects and pairing them to determine if there is an even or odd number of objects. TSW record this information in a chart in their math notebook. TSW repeat several times to practice pairing and determining if a set of objects is even or odd. 

4 Independent Practice

TTW work will guided math groups during this time for further instruction with students.  TTW use nearpod for a presentation for students to view and respond to while they are working in a small group. 

Student Instructions

TSW work independently on FrontRow to practice pairing and even and odd on their own instructional level. TSW also work with the Number Pieces Basic app and drag ones blocks onto the screen. They will then pair the objects and write if that number is even or odd. The students will write their name and then take a screen shot to save to the camera roll and import them into Google Classroom to turn in. 

5 Closure

Free, Paid

TTW present the class with a Kahoot quiz to check their understanding. Results will be used for future lessons and small group interventions. 

Student Instructions

TSW take a Kahoot quiz to check their understanding.