Lesson Plan

Evaluative Essay: Edgar Allan Poe Writing Workshop

Familiarizing high school students to the formal writing process
Leo J.
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My Subjects English Language Arts

1 HOOK: This will introduce the students to material.

Introduce this app to the students, allowing them to navigate and familiarize themselves with the works of Edgar Allan Poe.

2 DIRECT INSTRUCTION: This will help students summarize and analyze what they've read.

Use these apps as guides to help students grasp the deeper literary contexts of the story and clarify any questions they have about the text itself.

3 GUIDED PRACTICE: This will help students keep notes and organize their thoughts on what they've read.

Introduce these apps in order to start the writing process effectively, allowing them to keep track of noteworthy details from the text and chart their expanding ideas of the story, as well as sharing these ideas with fellow student writers.

4 INDEPENDENT PRACTICE: This is the assessible portion of the lesson in which students will demonstrate their understanding of the text, forming an opinion and writing about it.

This is an evaluative essay (opinion based), not analytical (argumentation). This lesson is just to encourage literary writing processes.

5 WRAP-UP: This portion of the lesson will expose students to further resources to nurture their appreciation for reading, writing, and literature

Give your students the opportunity to expand on the lesson by exposing them to resources that will help them in their literary goals.