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¿Está de moda? Is it Fashionable?

Practice for Spanish Clothing Vocabulary with Integrated Grammar
Rachel M.
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Cornell Senior High School
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My Grades 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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Students will be able to...

  • Read and write about clothing in Spanish
World Languages
Grades 7 – 12
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1 Hook

Activity: Conversing

Have two or three visuals on the board of celebrities from the  culture you study.  (Try to include at least one male and one female.)  Show one at a time to be discussed.  Students can write responses, then share orally, or they can just share orally. 

Repeat the process outlined in the student instructions for each visual tht you use. 

Student Instructions

Look at the picture on the board.  Do you know who that is?  Describe what he or she is wearing and discuss with your partner if it is fashionable or not in your opinion.  Then, we'll share our thoughts as a class.

2 Guided Practice

Free, Paid

Prepare a few padlet pages with different outfits or clothing items that allow for student comments.

Student Instructions

Go to PADLET.  Write a comment about the picture I've posted on the page.  It can be a description and/or an opinion with an explanation.

3 Independent Practice

Free, Paid

Remind students not to use last names on smore.  Also, encourage them to save often.  Last, note that this part of the lesson usually takes my students a few days.  I also give them a rubric with point values for each requirement explained in the student instructions.

Student Instructions

Create a flyer on SMORE.com that acts as a catalog page.  You should feature 4-6 items of clothing that coordinate well enough to be in the same catalog.  Describe each, including what activity each item could be worn for, the color, and at least one other descriptor (comfortable, in style, loose, etc.).  Your heading should include your first name, the name of your "store", and the Spanish-speaking country where your store is located.  (Note that in your clothing descriptions, you must also provide prices that are converted into the currency of the country you choose.)

4 Wrap-up

Free, Paid
Free, Paid

Create a padlet page that will serve as a gallery for student work.  

As a follow-up, you can have students respond or simply reflect on the comments that their classmates wrote about their smore "catalog" pages.

Student Instructions

Post your smore on our padlet gallery.

Then, comment on several of your classmates' smore pages in the target.  Be specific in your comments.  "I like it" is not specific enough!