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Erosion vs Weathering

A lesson for 6th grade science
Celine P.
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Horizon Middle School
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My Grades 6, 7, 8
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Students will be able to compare and contrast weathering and erosion.

Students will be able to list the processes that cause weathering and erosion.

Students will be able to identify the various effects of weathering and erosion.

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1 Hook

Show the BrainPop videos on Erosion and Weathering

BrainPop is a great place to provide students with an overview of the topic to be studied along with essential vocabulary. The videos are very entertaining.  I would use BrainPop's provided graphic organizer and vocabulary worksheet for students to fill out before (to access prior knowledge), during and after the video.  BrainPop educator also has additional lesson plan ideas, activities and tools to make the lessons more effective.


2 Direct Instruction

Teachers can use Prezi or another presentation tool to show the pictures that illustrate weathering and erosion.  Websites that are listed in the links below have pictures that you can use. 


Create erosion and weathering stations:


3 Guided Practice

Students will use the game to:

Explore and compare the processes of weathering and erosion through a digital lab and online game play.

Analyze how weathering and erosion affects Earth’s changing face and how it forms the soil that supports life on Earth.

Examine landforms and identify the processes that may have created them.



4 Independent Practice

You can use BrainPop's Mixer Tool found in MyBrainPop to create and share custom, BrainPOP-style quizzes.  You can create the quiz so that it provides feedback and allows for mastery.

5 Wrap-Up

Google Drive
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Students can find a picture that depicts either weathering or erosion and write a paragraph describing the type of erosion or weathering that is depicted along with the processes that created it.

Students can present if time allows.