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Equivalent Fractions

Learning about equivalent fractions using visual models.
Franzi K.
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Antelope Ridge Elementary School (Aurora, CO)
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Students will be able to recognize equivalent fractions using visual models.

Grades 4 – 6
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1 Hook

Watch a video on StudyJams on Equivalent Fractions to introduce the idea of visual models. 

2 Direct Instruction

Play equivalent fraction games by having students participate by directly coming up to the interactive whiteboard or having students use their personal whiteboards to write down their answers as the teacher moves the pieces on the interactive whiteboard. 

3 Guided Practice

Students watch multiple videos (Understand and explain equivalent fractions using visual models | 4.NF.1) and take notes on their learning using the LearnZillion "Note Template." 

4 Independent Practice

Students will use Khan Academy to work on problems under "Visualizing equivalent fractions."

5 Wrap-Up

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Students create their own area models in Google Draw and attach a QR code for the answers. After QR codes have been created, students will exchange their work to get more hands-on practice.