Lesson Plan

Equivalent Fractions

Teaching students how to recognize and create equivalent fractions.
Kristy R.
Classroom teacher
J.R. Ingram, Jr. Elementary
Sanford, United States
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My Grades 4
My Subjects Math, Science

Students will be able to...correctly recognize and create equivalent fractions.

Grades 4
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1 Hook/Attention Getter

Teacher will introduce the lesson by showing the StudyJams! video about equivalent fractions.

Student Instructions

Students will view StudyJams! video about equivalent fractions and take the corresponding quiz that follows. Students each have their own laptop to log in to study jams and be able to take the quiz. 

2 Direct Intsruction

Teacher will provide whole group instruction to students using chapter 13 lesson 5 in the math textbook and corresponding online lessons. 

Teacher will need to previously set up account with online textbook and add all students prior to lesson. 

Student Instructions

Students will follow along in textbook and use popplet to copy examples/ create equivalent fractions. 

Students will also utilize the online lessons via one to one laptops. Teacher will provide students with a notecard containing login information for the online textbook, this can also be utilized at home for extra practice. 

3 Guided Practice

Teacher will teach directions and facilitate whole group use of the Fraction Fun SmartBoard game. 

*Tutor will be pulling groups of 5 students at a time, to further work on creation of equivalent fractions while rest of class is working on SmartBoard.

Student Instructions

Students will take turns participating in the Fraction Fun game.


*Students whom are not directly involved in the game will be practicing multiplication flashcards, while waiting to be pulled by tutor to continue work with equivalent fractions. 

4 Independent Practice

TenMarks Math
Free to Try, Paid

Before the lesson, teacher sets up student TenMarks accounts and create lessons specific to multiplication and equivalent fractions. 

Try to have student account logins match login from online textbook to avoid confusion for students

Student Instructions

Students will login and complete TenMarks lessons independently using their laptops. Once students have completed assigned lessons they are able to play games pertaining to lesson content. 

5 Wrap Up

Teacher instructs students to return to Math Connects website to utilize either the readiness quiz for chapter 13 or the self-checking quiz. 

Teacher will monitor students and collect data on quiz/tenmarks results to see where further instruction is needed.