Lesson Plan

Equations and Inequalities

Solving equations and inequalities

Students will be able to...

  • Two expressions, a and b, have one of three relationships: either ab, or a=b
  • In the case of variable expressions, it may be possible to write equivalent equations or inequalities in order to determine the set of values that makes the equation or inequality true
  • There may be infinitely many solutions for an inequality, and the set of solutions may be shown on a number line 
Grades 7
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1 Hook

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Pick an exciting activity that will connect solving equations and inequalities to real world examples. With students seeing that what they are about to learn can be used in real world situations, this can prepare students to think critically about the lesson. This will transfer the students into the lesson taught that day.

Student Instructions

Students will be able to see that math goes connect and interact with the everyday world. Students will discuss with two others about the example, and how they think they would solve it. After sharing ideas, we will look at how to solve that certain problem.

2 Direct Instruction

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Using this tool throughout the lecture provides students with the ability to stay engaged with the lecture and the material. This will make it more visually appealing to the students.

Student Instructions

Students will be taking notes on the material that is on the presentation slides, and throughout the lecture.

3 Guided Practice

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Create a handout through this tool, that can be used on a device or can be physically turned in on paper. The handout will have problems that will be worked through during class time. After the time allowed has expired, then as a whole class we will review the problems.

Student Instructions

Work as a group or independently through the worksheet. Once the time allowed is up, we will work through the problems as a class.

4 Independent Practice

Set up a range of math problems that are relevant for the lesson, and track the process for each student through this game. This can track to see whether the student understands the material.

Student Instructions

Complete the activity for this lesson to test your comprehension of the material.

5 Wrap Up

Activity: Assessing

Go over the important material of the lesson. See if there are any questions from the students. Give the students a exit ticket that they will complete before leaving the classroom. It will assess whether they understand the material and what to review the next class.

Student Instructions

Students will ask any questions or concerns that they might have. Then they will complete an exit ticket before leaving class that day.