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Epic Battleship

Students compete in a site to site competition using Google apps.
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Students will be able to strengthen skills concerning positive and negative integers in decimal, fraction, and whole number form in a four quadrant coordinate plan version of battleship. 

Grades 5 – 8
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1 Hook

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Find a short clip of kids playing battleship

Student Instructions

Watch short clip

2 Direct Instruction

Google Drive
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Share a copy of Google Sheets which contains the coordinate plane and battleships with each student via airdrop or QR code scanner.

Student Instructions

Students will arrange battleships on coordinate grid within the Google Sheet.

3 Guided Practice

Teacher will model how to connect with another teacher and explicitly show steps and model how the game is played.

Student Instructions

Student will observe and ask questions. 

4 Independent Practice

Teacher will circulate and observe, answer questions and troubleshoot issues that arrise. 

Student Instructions

Student will connect with another student perhaps in another classroom, school, district, or country as they complete and practice locating positive and negative points on a four quadrant coordinate plane.

5 Back channel

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Schedule a TodaysMeet virtual classroom so students can post Ah-Ha moments or questions.

Student Instructions

Post Ah-Ha moments or questions in the virtual classroom.

6 Wrap-up

Google Drive
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Teacher will have shared folders created so students can move completed coordinate plane recording docs into them.

Student Instructions

Students will move completed docs into shared class folders.