Lesson Plan

Entrepreneur Research Project

Students will conduct research on entrepreneurs, learning to properly cite sources and create MLA citation.
Anne L.
Media specialist/librarian
Douglass School
Leesburg, United States
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Students will research entrepreneurs for Marketing classes. 

Students will learn to use CreativeCommons.org as the research entrepreneurs. 

Students will properly cite sources using the MLA format.

Students will use Easy Bib to create MLA citations.

Students will use Google Slides to create presentations on their assigned/chosen entrepreneurs.

Students will present information about their chosen/assigned entrepreneur in a Google Slide presentations.


Social Studies
Grades 9 – 12
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1 Entrepreneur Research Project

Free, Paid

Teacher introduces students to the EasyBib website and demonstrates how to create a citations from a variety of sources - websites, books, magazines. 


Teachers walks students through creating a citation.

Student Instructions

Students observe teacher demonstrating how to create a citation.


Students create a citation from a website to practice the process.

2 Creative Commons Website Demonstration

The teacher demonstrate how to conduct a search using CreativeCommons.org and discusses the value of using this site, insuring the students understand copyright protections and freedoms of creators.  

Student Instructions

The students observe the teacher demonstrate using CreativeCommons.org and practice searches on CreativeCommons.org.  

3 Research Entrepreneurs

The teacher assists students with research and citations as they research entrepreneurs.

Student Instructions

The students research their chosen/assigned entrepreneur, citing each source using EasyBib.com.  

The students paste each citation on the appropriate slide, as well as the last slide of their Google slide show.  

4 Create Google Slide Shows

Teacher assists students in finalizing their Google Slide show.

Teacher insures that students have created properly formatted MLA citations.

Student Instructions

Students finalize their Google slide presentation with properly formatted MLA citations.