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Enhance your Time Capsule with Hyperlinks

A Slideshow Time Capsule from the beginning of the school year to the end.
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Students will be able to use a slideshow to share their likes, dislikes, thoughts and feelings about the first days of school. They will create hyperlinks to the various slides from the table of contents page and then open it back up in June to see how their answers have changed at the end of the year.

English Language Arts
Grades 6 – 8
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1 Get to know your students with this exercise.

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Teacher has shared in Google classroom the slideshow template so students can create their slideshow. They answer the questions about their thoughts and feelings about the first day of school on each slide. 

Student Instructions

Open the slideshow in Google classroom and answer the questions on each slide. Include a graphic relevant to your answer.

2 Create Hyperlinks for the slideshow.

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Students use the "insert-link" tool to mirror a real website. Each slide should have a link from the home page, and a home button to return them to the homepage. 

Student Instructions

Go to Insert-link and create links to each slide in your slideshow.

Use Insert-text box to create a home button on each slide.

3 Peer Review

The students upload their work so the teacher has a copy when they invariably misplace their version. This copy is also used to share with other classmates to check the links and comment on their work. They should add one slide of their own choosing at this point.

Student Instructions

Submit your work through Classroom so your teacher has a copy of your work. You will also make constructive comments on two other student's work

4 It's June! Time to open the time capsule!

Google Drive
Free, Paid

Students open their time capsule they completed in September and review their answers. They will add their answers to the same question now, and they will see how much has changed. They should be able to create the hyperlinks on their own to the additional slides.

Student Instructions

Open your TimeCapsule Slideshow and read your answers from September. Things have changed! Answer the questions again, but create new slides for the new answers.

You also need to create the hyperlinks for these slides and a home button. (Just copy and paste it)

5 Reflect on the Year

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The students reflect on what this lesson has taught them. They should respond to how their answers changed and how some didn't. They can also peer review other students slideshows. 

Student Instructions

What did you learn about yourself in this lesson? Did your answers change or did most stay the same? Why did your answers change? Why do you feel differently about some things? Put your answers on the class Padlet.