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English Vocabulary Implementing and Theme

Applying Context Clues
Alexis T.
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My Grades 4
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Students will be able to... read through the test and determine the definition of the highlighted vocabulary words using the text around them. Students will be able to read the text and through reading, comprehend what the theme of the book is. 

English Language Arts
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Grades 4
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1 Introduction

Activity: Reading

I introduce the students to a piece of text that is related to the theme for the week. We go over the text as a class.

Student Instructions

Students read over the text with the teacher.

2 Theme Finding

Show students an example of what I want them to do for figuring out the theme of the text. Using the Seesaw app, I take pictures of the text and highlight certain parts that tie into the theme. Also take time to show students how to access Seesaw and how to operate it.

Student Instructions

Students will individually go back through the text and read through to determine the theme of the story using context clues. Using Seesaw they will post pictures and captions next to each picture taken and post so that other students can look after they are done.

3 Reflection

Activity: Conversing

Bring students together as class and go over all the answers as a class to go over the theme of the story. I get them started with the discussion and write down key points on the board that shows why this specific theme ties into the text.

Student Instructions

Students will come together as the whole class and discuss the theme of the text and why the theme is accurate or not.

4 Vocabulary Activity

Activity: Exploring

Have the students wrap up the theme activity and have them review the text and look for 10 vocabulary words related to the theme of the text

Student Instructions

Students will look for 10 vocabulary words related to the text and decipher the definition of the vocabulary words using context clues and then use those vocabulary words to make sentences of their own.

5 Vocabulary Quiz

Have students pair up or by themselves to do a quick vocabulary kahoot and theme quiz

Student Instructions

Students pair into twos or by themselves and access kahoot for a quick review game, wrapping up the lesson