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Engaging main idea and details work

Main Idea and Details with Google slide and video
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Students will be able to...determine the main idea and details of a given topic presented via Google slides. Ss will create group paper slide videos reflecting main idea and detail evidence.

English Language Arts
Grades 2 – 3
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1 Direct Instruction

Use Google slides to create a slide show with visually poignant images related to a given topic. Each slide should present 2 or more images focused on a main idea and details of a given topic. Insert pointed questions onto the slides to guide student's thinking and active note taking. (Refer to the KQED article for guidance on  with the Watch-Think-Write strategy.) Consider whether you will create a sample note together before Ss independently take notes. Insert a carefully evaluated and appropriate video that summarizes and/or enhances the given topic. (Refer to the Common Sense "How You'll use Video" segment.) Allow time for students to identify important terms or vocabulary in context and create an ongoing word box on a chart or on the board. 

2 Guided Practice

At the conclusion of the Google slide show, strategically select 2-3  students to share out a main idea and details they gathered from the slides. After, group the students in teams of 4 or 5 and have them share out their notes with their teams. Next, gather students and introduce how they will show they're understanding. Play the how-to paper slide video. Students will select their individual role based on their strengths and preference. They will then create a paper slide story board outlining a combination of main ideas and details collaboratively selected by the team. Each member should have at least 1 of their notes represented in the paper slide show. Teacher should facilitate soft skills that groups might lack as well as take brief anecdotal notes of each group's strengths. She/he will share these observations later.

3 Independent Practice

Student groups will independently create their storyboard scripts and follow the steps outlined in the Youtube link about how to create a paper slide show. After practicing, gather Ss to create a criteria chart for video recording (if you do not have one already.) Ensure students know the basics of recording and saving. Next, groups will record their video using a device that has a recording feature. Ss will playback and review their video noting the criteria that was met and that which can be improved with continued practice.

4 Wrap-up/Share

Activity: Presenting

Student groups/teams will present their paper slide video to each other with the goal being that all groups share their video with each other. Teacher also shares her/his kudos of each team. Students can create a quick write, journal entry, or exit ticket reflecting on activity and the main idea they thought was most poignant. Teacher can share completed projects with colleagues to inspire future technologically leveraged lessons.