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Energy - STEM Experiment

students will conduct experiement to come up with the Energy Lesson Concepts.
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Students will be able to...

- Explain the relation of an object to that of its energy.

- Examine the changes in energy when objects collides

- Classify the factors that affect the speed of an object

- Plan an experiment to conduct answers to students' wonders. 


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1 Hook

Free, Paid
Free, Free to try, Paid

Teacher prepares a thinking routine (see - think - wonder) for students to record their noticing on Padlet. On a post it, students  write down the new words in the video. 

Teacher starts the provocation with a video about slopes, and how people slide on snow. 

Teacher will then ask students to share their recording and mark down the key questions for the lesson. 

Student Instructions

Students will watch the video presented and jot down their noticing. 

2 Direct Insturctions

Teacher build on the students questions and the new words they heard in the video to enrich the students' vocabulary bank. 

In groups students research the words and come up with the definition. Each group will share the definition of the words they got. 


Student Instructions

picking up the words, relate them to the video, or even to your daily routine is a good way to expalin and share to other classmates. 

3 Dependet Practise

In groups students will conduct an experiment to come up with answers to their wonders. they will be divided into 4 different groups. Each group will be provided with the following material. 

- Books or Box, 

- Small plastic  car and Big Car

- Cardboard Ramp

- Sticky note 

- Ruler

- Time Stopper

- Each group will get one of the following material ( Carpet, Floor, Wood, Laminated Cardboard). 

Students are then have to find answers for the following questions:

- Determine the speed of the car travels with different slopes.  

- What are the factors that are related to the speed of the object when it collides with a surface. 

Use Microsoft OneNote to present your data. You may use ruler to measure the distance the car traveled. 

Student Instructions

Start with dividing the work load equally on the team member to reach for the best results. 

4 Independent Practice

Model the different stages of your experiment by drawing it on SeeSaw. Insert the data students made in seesaw along with the drawings. 

Students then are ask to write a report to present the findings, and post it on Seesaw. What is the difference between the small and the big car? 

Students are then asked to look at the other group experiments, comment on the pictures and data. 

Then each group present their finding and discuss the results. 

Student Instructions

Drawing the different stages of the experiment to explain your report with your sketches. 

Add the distance the car traveled on the sketches. 

what are your new wonders and how would you answer them. what happens if i added weight to the car, would that affect anything? 

5 Wrap Up

Free, Free to try, Paid

Students will reflect on their learning process how did they model being scientist. 

After that students will have their own individual Exist Sheet show they would note the important things they want to keep for further experiments. 

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Student Instructions

Write down the things you want to work on your self and the things you want to keep and improve for later experiments. 

Mention how you collaborated with your friends and what was your friends good quality that was remarkable.