Lesson Plan

Energy Flow through Ecosystems

Students will use interactive so they will be able to design their own food webs

I can explain how energy flows through an ecosystem and how the number or organisms present depends on the amount of energy available

Grades 7
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1 Hook

1. Make sure all students know how to make a google doc.

2. Walk around to make sure all students are on task. 

Student Instructions

1. Create a Word Document

2.Make a heading in your document Activator in bold print

3.  Write down all familiar vocabulary that you hear. 

2 Mini Lesson

1. Have students type in web page. 

2. All students need to explore and answer questions for each seperate ecosystem in their word document. 

3. Instruct students to make a heading for each ecosystem. 

4. Model how to answer the questions by scrolling over each separate line. 

Student Instructions

1. Go to http://www.amnh.org/ology/features/dzangasangha/

2. Start on whichever ecosystem you please. 

3. Complete the clues and connect all lines until a box comes up that says go. Click that box. You can now scroll over each line to answer the questions. 

Forest Ecosystem 

1. How do the BaAka people use trees?

2. How do the Hornbills use trees?

3. What does the jaguar provide for the ecosystem?

Bai Ecosystem

1. What do gorillas rely on in this ecosystem?

2. Why do the BaAka people need the antelope?

3. What do the elephants provide to the ecosystem?

River Ecosystem

1. What do the BaAka people use trees for?

2. Would the population of golden barbs increase or decrease if the shrew population died?

3. Which organism do you think is a tertiary consumer?




3 Independent Practice

Have students read student instructions

Student Instructions

1. Open the link to the Graphic Organizer

2. Copy and paste the graphic organizer into the word document with the rest of your work. 

3. Using Google, find pictures so that you are making a food chain pyramid. There needs to be at least 15 pictures total. Explore pictures of other food chains to aid you in deciding what animals to use.  

4. You need to have producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers, and decomposers. 

4 Debrief

Activity: Assessing

1. Ask students to make a heading underneath their graphic organizer and ask the question: What do you think would happen to the ecosystem if all the decomposers die?

Student Instructions

1. Make a heading that says Exit Ticket.

2. Answer the following question in complete sentences. You must have at least one paragraph explaining your thoughts. 

3.  What do you think would happen to the ecosystem if all the decomposers die?