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Energy Flow- Food Webs

Students will see how energy moves through an ecosystem from consumption.
Makenzie D.
Classroom teacher
Belgrade Middle School
Belgrade, United States
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Students will be able to... draw the flow of energy from producers to consumers. 

Grades 6 – 8
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1 Introduction

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The teacher should post the question on Socrative: " Order the following organisms into a food chain: Frog, Worm, Grasshopper, Heron, and Grass." 

Answer: Grass- Grasshopper- Frog- Heron- Worm 

The teacher should then review the correct answer and ask the students to classify the; primary producer, grass; the primary consumer, grasshoper; the secondary consumer, frog; the tertiary consumer, heron ; and lastly the decomposer, the worm. 


Student Instructions

Please log onto Socrative on your Ipads and answer the question displayed  

2 Instruction

Have the students complete the interactive Gizmo while answering corresponding questions located below the Gizmo. 


Student Instructions

Acess the Gizmo app on your ipad.

Complete the interactive Gizmo located in your teachers class and answer the attached questions. 

3 Assessment

Activity: Assessing

Collect the students work sheets. 

Student Instructions

Turn in your completed worksheet.